Budd To No-Show Again, Hide From Voters at Senate Debate

Congressman Cowers Behind DC Dollars

High Point – For the fourth time, former Gov. Pat McCrory will participate tonight at a US Senate debate.  And for the fourth time, Congressman Ted Budd will display a total lack of political courage by refusing to show up, choosing instead to hide behind the special interest dollars of his DC backers.

New questions have emerged this week in Budd’s relationship with billionaire socialist George Soros, who funds pro-abortion causes and far-left candidates across the world.  Budd has previously lied about his past connection to Soros.  But now, documents show a much deeper connection that Budd refuses to comment on.

In the fourth and final debate, two things will be clear:  that Gov. McCrory is the only candidate prepared to take on the Democrats and win in November, and a nomination of Congressman Budd – who is unable and unwilling to debate Republicans or Democrats – will cost Republicans this Senate seat and potentially the Senate majority.