Budd No-Shows Again at Debate, McCrory Exposes Budd Lies

Raleigh – A familiar scene played out in Raleigh on Wednesday night at the third US Senate debate in North Carolina:  Ted Budd hid from the voters while former Gov. Pat McCrory laid out a clear vision for his priorities as a US Senator and exposed the lies of the Budd campaign.

For the third straight time, Budd refused to participate in the debate, choosing instead to hide behind the DC special interest group bankrolling his deceptively false campaign.  Budd continues to prove that he is a weak candidate who is unprepared to launch a winning campaign against a Democrat opponent in November, and his nomination would imperil the seat for Republicans in the fall.

“While Pat McCrory set out a clear vision for saving the American Dream, Ted Budd once again insulted NC voters by failing to show up, opting instead to hide behind the DC special interest group trying to buy this seat.  Gov. McCrory showed tonight that he is the only candidate prepared to take on the Democrats in November.  A Ted Budd nomination would put our entire Senate Majority at risk.” – Jordan Shaw, McCrory Advisor, commented.