Ted Budd Is Clear Loser in 2nd US Senate Debate

Tonight Congressman Ted Budd was the clear loser in the 2nd US Senate debate, which Budd skipped to attend a PAC fundraiser instead, in an effort to hide from the voters and his fellow candidates.  Former Gov. Pat McCrory launched numerous attacks against Budd, focusing on his refusal to show up, Budd’s pro-Russia voting record, and his bought-and-paid-for status as a Washington DC insider.

“Budd not only didn’t show up to debate tonight, he didn’t show up to vote for Russian sanctions,” McCrory said during the debate.  “Both Biden and Budd have been reckless in their comments” about Russia and Ukraine.

“It’s clear tonight that there was one clear loser in this debate:  Ted Budd,” said McCrory advisor Jordan Shaw.  “The stakes have been raised about Ted Budd’s credibility as a candidate, which is in serious question after tonight’s debate.”