Video Emerges Proving Ted Budd Lied to Associated Press

Charlotte – Earlier this week, US Senate candidate Congressman Ted Budd and his campaign told the Associated Press that his role with the George Soros-owned company Agribiotech, as well as Budd Seed, was nonexistent and limited to “loading trucks,” which the campaign asserts ended in 1994.

But in a video that emerged today, Congressman Budd’s own words contradict his lie to the AP. The video, which is part of a speech Ted Budd gave to the North Carolina Farm Bureau in 2017, shows Budd discussing his role in founding Budd Seed / Lofts Seed in 1997-1998 alongside with his father, which would go onto be Agribiotech’s flagship acquisition. Budd also talks about developing a particular type of seed – Rebel Brand Grass Seed – which was Budd Seed/Lofts Seeds’ leading product, and later became Agribiotech’s leading product.

“It is clear that Ted Budd is lying to journalists and North Carolina voters,” McCrory said. “It is time for him to come clean and tell the truth. It is readily apparent that Ted Budd has a credibility problem, and that’s something we cannot afford in this must-win race for the US Senate.”

The video is below: