Results Confirm McCrory Has Massive Fundraising Advantage

Budd Uses Personal Riches to Conceal Lousy Fundraising Performance
Charlotte – US Senate candidate and former North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory raised more than all of his primary opponents combined in the second quarter of 2021, in McCrory’s first quarter as a Senate candidate, according to recently filed FEC disclosures of all Senate candidates.

McCrory announced last week that he would report raising over $1.24 million, from nearly 8,000 donors, with over $1,000,000 in contributions coming from within North Carolina. In stark contrast to McCrory’s figure, incumbent Congressman Ted Budd raised only $700,000.  The shockingly weak fundraising report is especially anemic given Budd’s previous support from Washington special interests who had long bankrolled his prior campaigns.

Budd also dipped into his own pockets with a $250,000 personal loan, which he’s done in past campaigns, to cover up his dismal fundraising results.  But while he’s always been willing to show his money as a public relations ploy, he’s never been willing to spend it in previous campaigns.  All Budd loans have been repaid by his past campaigns.

Budd’s inability to fundraise as a top-tier candidate, and further, his inability to capitalize on his own special interest help from Washington, is likely due to donor concerns with Budd’s inconsistent voting record, poor polling numbers, and his lack of viability in a general election.

“We’ve proven that we’re winning big in the polls and dominating the competition in fundraising,” McCrory said.  “Our message of conservative results from outside Washington is resonating.  We’re the best path for Republicans to win both the primary and the general, and I’m grateful to everyone who’s supported us so far.”

The second quarter reports clearly demonstrate that Gov. McCrory not only enjoys a massive lead in the polls, but also an immense fundraising advantage over his primary opponents.  The North Carolina Senate race is one of the most closely-watched races in the country and will help determine the majority in the US Senate in 2022.