Conservative Leadership Built in North Carolina, Not Washington.

Fiscal Responsibility

Creating Jobs
Cutting Taxes
Spending Smarter

Patriotic Leadership

Investing in Our Military
Protecting Our Veterans
Defending Our Constitutional Rights

American Safety

Preventing Sanctuary Cities
Supporting Our Police
Increasing Election Security

Faith & Family

Promoting the Sanctity of Life
Protecting Religious Freedom
Supporting Conservative Judges

Guilford County’s Very Own


Pat McCrory attended North Carolina public schools in Jamestown, where his parents and teachers instilled in him the belief that everyone has a personal responsibility to fulfill their God-given potential.

  • Earned a degree in education and political science from Catawba College
  • Trained as a student teacher at North Rowan High School and attained a North Carolina teaching certification
  • Recruited into a management training program with Duke Energy where he went from reading meters to numerous management positions

The Longest Serving Mayor of Charlotte


In 1995, Pat was elected mayor of Charlotte, going on to serve a record seven terms and steering the city through a period of job growth that transformed it into an international economic powerhouse.

  • Reduced property taxes and crime throughout his tenure
  • Spearheaded landmark improvements of infrastructure and transportation systems
  • Founded the Mayor’s Mentoring Alliance in 1995 and personally served as a mentor to youth in the city
  • Founded the North Carolina Metropolitan Mayors Association to find common solutions to problems facing North Carolina’s cities
  • After 9/11, the only mayor to be initially appointed to serve on the homeland security advisory commission for President Bush

North Carolina’s 74th Governor


In 2012, Pat McCrory was elected governor during a time of recession, high taxes, budget shortfalls, and stagnant teacher pay. In just four years of strong leadership, he solved each of these problems and led the “Carolina Comeback.”

  • Reduced the personal income tax and the state business income tax
  • Eliminated the state death tax
  • Turned hundreds of millions of dollars of budget shortfalls into a $450 million budget surplus
  • Created North Carolina’s first Department of Military and Veteran Affairs
  • Fought to end sanctuary cities
  • Initiated voter-approved bond effort for our technical colleges and universities
  • Turned around North Carolina’s economy from the fourth highest unemployment rate in the country to one of the highest for job growth
  • Led the National Guard in successful hurricane recovery efforts and ending Antifa-led riots