Make Government More Responsive to Business

Every extra hoop that government makes a business jump through because of rules and regulations is an added expense for the business, leaving fewer resources for new hiring and other expansion. Right now, small business owners rate North Carolina’s regulatory climate among the worst in the nation. North Carolina must do more to eliminate cumbersome and duplicative regulations while streamlining government agencies to make services more responsive to businesses. Pat McCrory realizes that individuals who understand an economic climate that cultivates job creation must run North Carolina’s regulatory agencies.

Place a Premium on Customer Service

Instead of propagating a culture of fear and intimidation, regulatory agencies in North Carolina should be working alongside businesses to help them create jobs. Returning phone calls, responding to emails and helping North Carolinians get prompt answers from their government should be standard practice when dealing with an executive agency. As governor, Pat McCrory will introduce a culture of higher expectations and greater customer service for all employees.

Streamline North Carolina’s Inadequate and Inefficient Permitting Processes

Pat McCrory realizes government agencies should quickly and efficiently assist businesses that want to grow responsibly. He will work to ensure adequate procedures are in place to make the permitting process efficient and consistent.

Eliminate Redundant Commissions and Committees

Commissions and committees can serve a valuable advisory role to our government. However, when they multiply to the point of overlap, the result is noise and waste, rather than good governance. Pat McCrory will work to eliminate and/or combine missions for redundant commissions and committees to further streamline government.

Appoint People Who Understand the Private Sector

Pat McCrory will hire top-notch professionals from varying backgrounds to bring real-world experience to his administration. North Carolina needs competent managers with private-sector experience in our government agencies.

Fight Onerous Federal Mandates, Taxes and Regulations

As governor, Pat McCrory will fight unnecessary and burdensome mandates, taxes and regulations from the federal government. As long as North Carolina is subject to onerous mandates, taxes and regulations, especially relating to healthcare, businesses will be hesitant to expand or hire new workers because they cannot predict the future costs.