Fix Our Broken Economy With New Vision and Leadership

North Carolina has the 4th highest unemployment rate in the nation, and private sector job growth has been 5 times slower than state government job growth over the last decade. While other states are turning around their economies by supporting private sector job growth with business friendly policies, North Carolina’s executive leaders believe growing government is the only answer.

It’s going to take a leader with a different mentality to fix North Carolina’s broken government and economy, not the same old mindset that has our state in economic quicksand. Pat McCrory knows that to invest in key priorities like education, public safety, transportation and infrastructure, North Carolina must grow the economy through the private sector, not government. As governor, Pat McCrory will work tirelessly to create an economic environment that will allow our job creators to put people back to work.

The good ol’ boy and girl patronage system of state government has placed tired and failed policies and special interests ahead of working families, taxpayers and businesses. The result: North Carolina is losing to the competition and now has the fourth highest unemployment rate in the country. Pat McCrory believes fixing North Carolina’s broken economy requires new vision and new leadership from its governor. If other states can successfully rebound from the economic collapse, so can the greatest state in the country.