Expand Opportunities for Key Industries to Strengthen North Carolina’s Economy

Fight for Agribusiness

Agriculture is North Carolina’s top industry, and for years has been the backbone of its economy. As governor, Pat McCrory will fight to keep North Carolina a world leader in farming and agribusiness. His plan to get North Carolina into the energy business will help lower energy costs for the industry, while his plan to strengthen the state’s infrastructure will support agricultural exports. As governor, Pat McCrory will also:

  • Include industry leaders and farmers in policy decisions such as tax reform and eliminating excessive regulations;
  • Support agricultural research and extension and vocational agriculture training;
  • Create a plan of action to deal with transportation needs in the event of a natural disaster;
  • Expand and support programs that promote home-grown produce such as the “North Carolina Farm Fresh” and “Farm to Schools” programs;
  • Work with industry leaders and regulators to increase water capacity, increase water efficiency and solidify landowner’s water rights.

Create a Plan for Water Supply and Storage

An adequate and consistent water supply is vital to North Carolina’s agribusiness community, and key to ensuring North Carolina has an adequate, stable and predictable water supply. As governor, Pat McCrory will help develop water storage methods that are environmentally friendly and help the state’s agriculture industry thrive.

Implement a New “ExportNC” Initiative

North Carolina is ideally located to capitalize on expanding global markets, and our workers and products can compete against any in the world. Our full potential is still untapped, though, as many small and medium sized businesses are unable to reach the global marketplace. As governor, Pat McCrory will establish “ExportNC,” a public-private partnership that will provide private financing and industry expertise to small- and medium-sized businesses, allowing them to increase exports by working with international businesses. With the private sector taking a leading role, “ExportNC” will coordinate efforts to promote exports, free up capital for small businesses and stimulate growth and job creation in vital industries that “make and grow things,” such as agribusiness and manufacturing.

Open New Markets for North Carolina Products Through Trade Missions

As a part of his effort to promote industries that build, grow and innovate, Pat McCrory will lead overseas trade missions to open new markets for North Carolina products. Specifically, the McCrory administration will prioritize trade missions to India and countries in Southeast Asia.

Prioritize and Develop New Strategies for Travel and Tourism Promotion

Tourism is one of the state’s largest industries, providing jobs for nearly 200,000 North Carolina residents. To remain a top tourist destination in the southeast, North Carolina cannot continue to fall behind our neighbors in tourism promotion. In order to boost both employment and economic activity, Pat McCrory will work with the Legislature and industry leaders to develop new strategies to promote travel and tourism in North Carolina.

Strengthen Military Economy to Maintain and Create Jobs for North Carolina

North Carolina is the most military-friendly state in the nation. With its $23 billion economic footprint in North Carolina, the military will be a top priority for Pat McCrory. He will:

  • Encourage the Department of Defense to locate more military missions in North Carolina and protect existing military bases and assets in North Carolina;
  • Promote military-community relationships to strengthen communities through regional planning to ensure strong schooling and infrastructure while fighting base encroachment;
  • Increase opportunities for North Carolina companies to benefit from contracting with the military;
  • Fund state programs and work with non-profit groups to support veterans.