Create a Long-Term Vision for Transportation & Infrastructure to Support Economic Growth

From the mountains to the beaches, our infrastructure ties the state’s urban and rural areas together, moves commerce, and boosts tourism and travel. Entrenched political interests and a lack of vision have led us to squander transportation money without keeping an eye on future development goals. As governor, Pat McCrory will once and for all separate politics from our transportation needs, and develop a long-term plan to ensure our transportation and infrastructure networks will sustain the state’s future economic growth.

Develop & Implement a Comprehensive Transportation & Infrastructure Plan

As mayor of Charlotte, Pat McCrory helped create a 25-year transportation plan that is now in its 14th year of implementation. When elected, Pat McCrory will bring private sector and government leaders together to create a descriptive 25-year transportation and infrastructure plan to send a clear signal to the business community of the state’s future investment in roads, railroads, bridges, ports, airports and other infrastructure. Pat McCrory’s 25-year plan will be a specific action plan to allocate money based on project worthiness and will require relative performance metrics to measure improvement over time.

Focus on Maintaining Existing Infrastructure

North Carolina’s infrastructure capacity is a key element in attracting business and investment. Unfortunately, North Carolina commuters and businesses lose billions of dollars each year from poor road quality and congestion. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce rated North Carolina’s transportation infrastructure the 7th worst in the nation, and 29% of our bridges are deficient. The longer maintenance costs are deferred, the greater the eventual repair costs will be. Through better budgeting and planning, a McCrory administration will stop delaying critical infrastructure maintenance to avoid future economic hardship and budget woes.

Prioritize New Projects and Reform the Funding Formula

Pat McCrory believes new projects must be dictated by worthiness. This begins with reforming the funding formula to better reflect the needs of our current infrastructure system. Criteria for new projects should weigh each project’s potential for congestion relief, safety improvements, environmental impact and economic development opportunities.

Our state must also become a better steward of the Highway Trust Fund, which has been grossly mismanaged because of cronyism and pay-to-play politics. Billions have been allocated based on political logrolling and the fund has been raided repeatedly for other expenditures. This would end under a McCrory administration.