Unleash North Carolina’s Energy Resources to Help Power Our Economy

High-energy prices and our dependence on foreign resources are a grave threat to North Carolina’s economic recovery. Energy doesn’t have to be a part of the problem; it can and must be part of the solution. It’s time to get North Carolina into the energy business. Unleashing North Carolina’s energy resources can bring down the cost of power for families and businesses, while creating jobs and attracting companies to North Carolina to revitalize our manufacturing industry.

Pursue a Balanced “All-of-the-Above” Energy Plan

Pat McCrory believes North Carolina can create much-needed jobs that will help fuel North Carolina’s economic recovery by safely and aggressively pursuing an “all-of-the-above” energy plan. Biofuels, clean coal, natural gas, solar, wind and nuclear energy are vital components to a prosperous energy future in North Carolina. We must harness all of these resources in a safe, reliable and cost effective way

As governor, Pat McCrory will establish a partnership with neighboring states to develop offshore resources and recruit companies to bring a much-needed infusion of energy, jobs and investment to the state. Under a McCrory administration, North Carolina will establish the regulatory framework for natural gas exploration and signal to outside companies that North Carolina is getting into the energy business.

While developing North Carolina’s energy resources, Pat McCrory will continue to support initiatives aimed at protecting our state’s beautiful natural resources. He is committed to protecting our mountains, beaches, barrier islands and water supply by utilizing technology and effective pollution prevention programs and by holding polluters that break the law accountable.