The North Carolina Comeback

North Carolina’s economic development brand is currently being diminished by high taxes, excessive regulation and broken state government. Neighboring states are reforming and successfully competing for jobs, while North Carolina remains stuck with the 5th highest unemployment rate in the nation. We must stick to our principles and grow our economy, because that’s what produces the resources to pay for our teachers, police and firefighters and rebuild our infrastructure. We need a governor who will be a leader in developing a new vision for the future and who will jump start the North Carolina comeback.

Pat McCrory’s Principles for Fixing North Carolina’s Broken Economy

  1. Fix Our Broken Economy With New Vision and Leadership
  2. Make Government More Responsive to Business
  3. Modernize the Tax Code to Spur Job Creation, Productivity and Innovation
  4. Unleash North Carolina’s Energy Resources to Help Power Our Economy
  5. Create a Long-Term Vision for Transportation & Infrastructure to Support Economic Growth
  6. Reform Education to Create a Workforce for the Future
  7. Expand Opportunities for Key Industries to Strengthen North Carolina’s Economy